Clear Output Window with 2 Keypresses

Sing with me: “Jester’s so smart, dar dar dar…”


I didn’t know this, but if you toggle the Output window on and off (F2 on PC), it’ll actually clear itself. For the longest time, I’ve been, “Aim… right click… CLEAR!”.

Anyway, quick tip if your Output window is War and Peace like mine is.

6 Replies to “Clear Output Window with 2 Keypresses”

  1. hahaha… never even thought about clearing it. Usually just press the check mark in the actions panel.. clears it up.

  2. My issue is while a SWF is playing, and I need my mouse interacting with the SWF, not Flash. This allows me to repeat a task, and clearly see the trace I’m looking for. ASCII art can only delinate so much…

  3. Again, that doesn’t work unless the Output window itself has focus. If your interacting with the SWF file itself, or want to test focus issues (which are always being debugged), you have to manually click the Output window, and then hit the delete key.

  4. it would be nice if they just build a command into actionscript that you could use to clear it programatically.

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