Were-Here.com Co-Moderator

Didn’t get an email yet, but it seems I’ve recently been made co-moderator of the Flashcom forum on <a href=”http://www.were-here.com”>were-here.com</a>. Sweet!

<a href=”http://www.were-here.com/forum/tm.asp?m=1254197&p=1&tmode=1&smode=1″>Welcome Message</a>

“Welcome JesterXL – NEW MODERATOR

By the time most people read this JesterXL will have been embedded into the Flashcom forum as my co-moderator. I first became aware of JesterXL on the Flashcoders and Flashcom mailing lists so if he seems familiar maybe that is why. Anyway, this is just the welcome thread and has nothing to do with Flashcom server so we’ll just delete it after a little while, but this is where to say hi I guess, the welcome thread is traditional …..


3 Replies to “Were-Here.com Co-Moderator”

  1. Good. You should get into moderating the remoting forum too. The ppl there have limited experience and it shows.

  2. I’m ok with Remoting when it comes to .NET; I use it every day. But, PHP, CF, etc., I’m not really sure I could help. Regardless, I’ll poke my head in (gross) to see if I can help some.

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