Tomato Soup Rivers & Jatars

The skies unleashed their furry of rain and lightining, ending our double header tonight. I managed to score an effective outfield out in our company softball game only to get out as I tried to take 3rd base… just wasn’t looking at 3rd base coach like I should. As the first wave ended, we took the the field those that were left, and I hit fly balls to my manager and two other co-workers. The 2nd wave came on in with slow force. I tempted death with my aluminium bat swinging to the heavens at the slowing dropping ball, hoping to send it flying to a teamates glove. I was drowning when we all agreed it was time to sucinctly agree with the umpires’ earlier decision to call it a night. Rushing to my car, hoping my cell phone didn’t die in my soaking wet bag full of dirty gear, I crossed rivers of tomato soup. The rain had flooded the fields in such a short amount of time mixing with the Georgia red clay and field dirt, it appeared a vicious, tomato soup had taken on life and was devouring the grass and sidewalk. I managed to make it to my car and make a plan B for Mexican dinner (served by Columbians, hehe). Thank God for modern technology.

Discussed the future, business in general, and the current state of affairs with our lives. The usual friend stuff.

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  1. Prejudice is a survival mechanism — that’s why its so hard for humans to give it up. America likely does more good than harm in the world but heh, nobody fights against peace, prosperity and justice. You fight to right a perceived wrong — so the fanatics only see where America has fucked up and not a lot else. When a tall poppy stands out in the field the general inclination is to cut it down not admire it for its success in doing better than the others.

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