All About Color

Courtesy of <a href=””>her majesty</a>.

I get a tingly feeling and want to paint with water color when I view this site. Really phat way to match up colors. For a hybrid like me, this is a great tool. Very nice use of Flash.

<a href=””></a>

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  1. I’ve seen a few references to “Her majesty” in the past and have always wondered who that is.
    Is she your girlfriend ?

  2. Wow !
    With this tool I don’t need anymore this colorlab

    Thank you Mr Jesse Warden !

    ++++Paul P.+++++
    + Order+Disorder +
    ++ Paris-France ++

  3. OMG, for real? There was so much animation, though! How did they manage that? I guess Laszlo desearves a look; never did hear any feedback from the lists about it so I’ll have to investigate on my own.

  4. Yes, the Behr app was indeed built with Laszlo, not with Flash. Please take a look at the applications on Laszlo’s site to get an idea of the range of the system.

    Laszlo is based on XML, but its XML format is very powerful and includes constructs for definining/extending dynamic UI elements, with animation, etc. It does not require any knowledge or use of Flash authoring or ActionScript.


    David Temkin
    CTO, Laszlo Systems, Inc.

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