Who’s callin me dammit!

No, this has nothing to do with phones. I have this bug I’m still debugging in my project at work. I have a class that encapsulates my Remoting call to a web-service, and when done getting it’s data, calls a callback. It has an internal timeout just in case the onStatus never gets invoked. For some reason, a few of these intervals are not getting cleared, and I can’t find the bug since a few of them have it. It’s almost like Remoting is returning 2 results. However, you CAN’T find out who the hell called you (arguments.callee) and actually do anything useful with it… or so I thought. Hopefully next week (too burnt out today) I can use <a href=”http://www.flashfanatiker.de/archives/000024.html”>this code</a> form <a href=”http://www.holger-kohnen.de/”>h0k’s blog</a> to help me find out who the hell is calling my callbacks like 5 times.

Germans always got cool AS tricks, yo.

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