Warning in the Wind

My manager and a co-worker just got back from a Microsoft Premiere gathering…

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  1. I’m currently reading “The Pragmatic Programmer” by Andrew Hunt & David Thomas (AW) – they suggest you should learn a new programming language every year anyway in order to proceed to Jedi Master level. So, why not pick C# this year … :o)

  2. Actually, I was gonna learn JScript to help in my use in .NET, and for other nefarious reasons. However, my work only uses VB to help everyone that we work with all understand the code.

    Personally, I’d still prefer to learn C# since I already know enough VB to get me through the reading phase.

    Interesting you say that because my manager made a deep point during our discussion about it saying that it used to be that you were known by what language you knew where nowadays your known by what framework you know.

    Still, your right, C# is definately my first choice. Just need to find cheap hosting for it.

  3. It’s even got Mobile services supported! Tony and I were talking about this last night. Very tight, yo, thanks for the link!

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