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Just a quick note about the recent frustration of some people with Flash related blogs posting off-topic content. I have read most of the opinions, and I agree with some. Regardless of what mine is, here is what I am doing to help readers of my site in the near future:
– have icons like Slashdot does so you can quickly see what is related to what topic
– have what Samuel Wan has on his site where you can view by topic
– have a list of the most recently posted comments so you don’t have to mark certain threads or check back more often than you need too

If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. It’s my site, but without you gals and guys, I wouldn’t get that satisfaction that I’m helping someone out there either technically or making them laugh.

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  1. that’s a good idea Jesse.. I’ve been thinking about some similar ideas for my next site upgrade.
    Maybe we can start a trend of categorizing content within blogs within the Flash community quicker if we can come up with some “standard” ways to do this..
    Either way, I’d like to see what you come up with and share what I’m planning.

    oh, and happy belated birthday :)

  2. Hehe, thanks!

    Yeah, I sort of like how Full of a Good does it, with the MM icons, but there still should be a key. Additionally, was going to have the cateogories off to the right in a column as well as as the most recent comments under that. Prob is now to figure out how to do that in MT…

    …if I figure it out, I’ll post it, unless you beat me to it which is cool too.

  3. Great, that’s what I did in my site. I have a ‘personal column’, where I post things I don’t want the aggregators to take. In the future, I plan to extend this posting categorization, but it works just fine with what I have right now.

  4. Yeah it does help. I tried posting in the forumns about it, because couldn’t because their login password validation etc. is so f-ed up.

    As usual, I’ll just read the docs, figure it out myself, and post for the google archives.

    Thanks Helmut!

  5. Its not really that difficult.

    It took me 10 min to figure it out. I’m sure you could do it in less!

    This will post your categories and the number of items you have in each of them.



    <a>”></a><br />

    <br /><br />

    //end of code

    Im still eager to see how you will implement the images feature.

  6. well, I’m not using MT, just my homebrew blog system.. so I’ll probably have an easier time implementing it..
    (BTW, thanks for the encouragement on that Oscar)

    I’ll let you know what I come up with, whenever I get time to mess with it..

  7. dang my code broke ahhh! now I know what the preview button is for.

    here is the code again i just took the ”


    div class=”side”>
    a href=””>
    br />
    br />
    br />

  8. Geez, you make it look simple! Hum… well, I sure hope it is when I try.

    I think I’ll just handle the images either based on a css style I define in MT… or maybe a new tag? Don’t know yet either.

  9. different rss feeds for different subjects?

    i dont read any blogs directly, only from aggregators

  10. “different rss feeds for different subjects?”

    That’s one way to go, certainly. It’s also worth asking the developer of your favorite aggregator to support the RSS category element, as well the new ENT (Easy News Topics) spec. We already have the basic means to handle blog categorization, but it will require (a) people adding the appropriate metadata to their content, and (b) tool-makers taking advantage of that metadata.

  11. I haven been planning to use the catagory links as my navigation for some time now.. just havn’t gotten around to it!

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