RIA Example: Theory 7

Originally posted by <a href=”http://flash.granato.org/”>Granato</a>, <a href=”http://www.theory7.com/”>Theory 7</a> has just opened up a new store for Flash developers.

Now, some hate the RIA term, others love it. Regardless of your bent (gross) this is a great example, to me, of what an RIA can be. One page that acts as a store with a lot of great user feedback as to what’s going on. The cons are that it goes fullscreen without asking for permission, fonts are small as shiote, and there doesn’t appear to be a cookie-trail or any easy way to bookmark a section. Still, these types of sites make Flash developers look yummy to the industry. Spread the word.

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  1. I’m not convinced that these are the “types of sites [that] make Flash developers look yummy to the industry.”

    It feels a little overcomplicated to me. I can’t imagine your average web user sitting down with this and knowing what to do.

    I think one of the advantages of RIA is the ability to hide the complexity of the web, not make the complexity look shiny.

  2. Granted, I could be subjective because I come from a gaming background. I enjoy exploratory design.

    Keep in mind, too, their target audience is Flash peeps; peeps like me!

    Navigating complicated Flash interfaces is something I would consider myself pretty adept at. Why? Because I design some of those very interfaces!

    Yeah, it’s definately totally different from Broadmoor, but it’s audience is totaly different, so I think the added complexity here isn’t a hindrance to me actually purchasing something from them.

  3. great to see my site being discussed, dave, in response to your comment, this site is not designed for the average web user, as JesterXL pointed out, my target audience is designers and developers, 90% of who have experience of using complicated computer applications, for example most will use software like flash on a daily basis, so a site like this should be pretty easy to use.

    If I was selling music cd’s or package holidays then I would make the site far more average user friendly.

    Hope that explains things.

    Also although the site may look overcomplicated, tha is purely because there is a lot of content, the actual process of registering, browsing for a product, making a purchase and downloading your product is easier than any other eccomerce site I have ever seen on the web, give it a try and see ;)


    MD Theory7

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