I’ve had it with Key.getCode

So, I made a tool to help me out. It gives you the key code, key ascii, and the character hit without you having to code a quick swf to find it yourself like I’ve had to do 50 million times. Off to the left, called “<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/downloads/JXL%20Key%20Tool.mxp”>JXL Key Tool</a>”. A Flash panel.

BTW, Anyone know how to size a Flash panel and/or access the top right drop down menu?

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  1. Forcing me to make a trace(Key.getCode()) every time helps me rember. I’ll use this though. I don’t think you’ll get access to the mystery arrow.

    Also, I’ll bet you can make the panel open up the right size by staying within some range of normal. That is, your panel is just too big–this is my guess. I can make panels that open up correctly as long as they’re within range. I don’t know the exact numbers. Maybe, too, you can tinker with Stage.scaleMode. But, really, I did some tests and it seems like Flash will honor your size if it’s about the same as other helpSWFs.

    Tell me what you find though.


  2. That’s the 2nd complaint I got this morning about that. Not following the occasionally connected model, am I? I’ll update her tonight to use the local version if your not connected.

  3. You urself have complained about that in other programs :P

    I post you made to my blog like several days ago just showed up in my in box, wack!

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