Icewind Dale 2: The Collapse of the Severed Hand

*** warning: spoiler ***
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Finally… I’ve been struggling with this dang, final battle for the past 3 weeks! The game is supposed to provide solace to me when I wish to escape from my book writing, retreating to the frozen north to feel alive again. Instead, I’m fraut with an unending tide of summoned creatures; demons, giants, and other horrors… that is, until I found the conjurer responsible. One by one, I eliminated the evil scum of that tower, and that made it so much easier to tackle Isair and Madae in their tainted pool chamber. My paladin, armed with the Holy Avenger I wrested from the six Lost Followers, enriched by the vitality that battle had given, and my party as a whole, working together like a well oiled machine, quickly fell the Legion of the Chimera on my 19th try (lost count at 2, so guessing). <a href=””>Here’s one of my failed first attempts</a>.

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God, I hope <a href=””>they</a> make a 3rd. Onto <a href=””>Baldurs Gate 2</a> to fell that frikin’ black dragon, kickin’ it <a href=””>Minsc style</a>…