JXL.getAge() == 24 & Reference Panel Side Treks

I turned 24 Saturday morning while the birds were singing next to a rushing stream with a curled dog at my feet and a fine uber-geek chica at my side and homies on the other side of the river. I got some phat gifts:
– The Transporter on DVD
– A Speak-i-fier: basically, a suction cup with audio input that turns any surfact into a speaker
– an Atari joystick that hooks into your TV’s audio in/video in, takes 4 AA’s, and has 10 old-school Atari games on it
– a nice D&D’ish T-shirt from <a href=”http://www.thinkgeek.com”>thinkgeek.com</a>

I have the bestest friends, yo.

<b>What to do while waiting for the Reference Panel to open</b>
For those of you on XP, I list some things to do while your Reference panel opens in Flash MX:
– get up for a new drink and to rest your eyes
– launch WinAMP and pick a song
– start dinner
– follow up on un-read emails
– clear off your desk of trash
– stretch
– check <a href=”http://www.fullasagoog.com”>Full As A Goog</a> for new entries

3 Replies to “JXL.getAge() == 24 & Reference Panel Side Treks”

  1. Yeah, the Reference panel. I have another one–especially if you’re doing a presentation or teaching a class. Take wagers as to whether Flash will crash. I’ve made some pretty good money on this one.

    Happy Birthday by the way.

  2. Thanks manxt! The more functionality she gets, the more liable she is to sink under pressure.

    “More weight.” –The Crucible

  3. Let’s here more about the Atari joystick, Superfly — with a capital “S”, mo-fo. Now yo talkin my language, b-otch.

    Happy 24th birthinday.

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