DRK2 – Set 4: Advanced Calendar

Dude, this component rocks! <code>setCellData</code> and <code>setCellStyle</code> are just what I needed for this project. <code>setCellStyle</code> for the coloring of specific dates, and <code>setCellData</code> for associating specific data to a date. I was a little ticked off at the whackness of the data returned from <code>getCellData</code> because it’s an array of objects that have a <code>data</code> property. Now, however, I like it because I realize I might have a ton of stuff I’d need to associate with a date. I LOVE DATAPROVIDER!

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  1. Hey Jesse,

    Glad the component worked out for you! I agree that getCellData() can be a little confusing on its return but the reason it returns an array is that you can have several seperate items in the dataprovider with the same date. I had considered returning only one item if only one item existed but in the end that would be more confusing because the return type would change.


  2. You bet I do!

    Naw, it’s all good, like I said, I realized after using it how it’s actually limiting to be capable of only allowing one piece of data per date. Like, a ListBox item makes sense… it’s an item. For a date, though, I may have a lot of data.

    For example, for the project I’m working on, I need to specify a bunch of events per date. If I could only do one piece of data, I’d have to have a nested object. In this case, it works out great!

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