News and/or Background Noise?

Do you ever turn the TV on to have background noise while you work? Maybe the news like CNN, a DVD, or MTV? What about streaming audio news broadcasts on your computer, maybe via Real, Quicktime, or Windows Media?

Had the same idea come up for a Flash news program via Flashcom, and was just curious about the potential audience’s feedback on such an idea.


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  1. Could be a good thing. Personally, though, I tend to like stuff in the background that’s not totally engaging. Like with CNN, I’m not interested in everything that’s being reported, so I just tune in to the good chunks, and tune and work during the rest. A Flash news program might be too interesting to be able to be tuned out.

  2. What if it was Macromedia centric in general topics, similiar to all the news you get in a quick scan of <a href=””>Full As A Goog</a>, or even just about technology & multimedia in general, similiar to some of the Tech-TV news casts?

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I think Flash/Tech-TV/Multimedia broadcast would be great, and highly interesting. I just don’t think, for me personally, that it could be a ‘background’ thing. Probably more like I’d tune in for a bit, when I was taking a break, and then cut it off when I got back to work.

  4. So you’d be interested in specific content that you could choose from which would hold your attention rather than just a stream of content where some bits may interest you, and therefore wouldn’t be the focus of your attention…?

  5. Might be good to offer both. I may listen to the stream for a bit, then go about my day. But maybe I’d like to take 10 minutes when I get to work and listen to just Flash related content to keep up on the latest goings on. If your stream encompassed quite a range of topics, then maybe I would be able to treat it as background noise. To offer specialized content, and then broad range content as well would cover your bases. Kinda like CNN headline news versus, CNNfn, and CNNsports.

  6. Hehe, no no, more like CNN’s headline news. My girlfriend and I have been wanting to do a show on one of her websites for a long time. I just thought it would be neat to do a tech one from an independant because since it’s blog based, I am not required to report on anything specific and anyone and everyone can access it. I have no clue how I’d make a cusotm RSS, but I’d work it into my site somehow so it’d be archived, etc.

    The point is, it’d be like Tech-TV, but for free. I pay for cable, but don’t get that channel. Kind of bs if you ask me. I grew up with the free internet, and even though I’m not an open source groupie, I still think there is enough content out there that could be consildated into a news program. The only issue I can think of currently, aside from RSS and blog integration, is where the heck to store all those FLV’s…

  7. I think it would be a great idea. I do agree with Philip’s comments… everytime I turn on TechTV I can’t stop watching it, there is just too many topics that they talk about that I try to absorb all the information that I can.

    That’s not to say that I don’t keep Tech TV on in the background, it’s just that my attention get’s pulled away from work often.

    It would be very cool though, you could maybe even have a tip of the day segment.

    JesterVision….? Keep us posted.

  8. Very good info. I guess I am really fishing for potential interest at this point rather than use of the media. A lot of people just liked having the Truman Show on rather than watching it similiar to the way some people treat CNN.

    Based on the current feedback (hope I get more to help refine the ideas), I’ll post some more info then, when I iron out the details. I’d love someone to just rant off to me a whole day’s summary of <a href=””>Slashdot</a> and news excerpts from <a href=””>Full As A Goog</a> while I was reading emails, coding, or cleaning. That’s pretty much what I am thinking, but with the same impartial attitude that most journalists try to convey the news in. Stricly information distributed to the masses. I would kill for a Daily Show segment, just like on Comedy Central, but I of course, in this case would have a higher responsibility to report things un-opinionated and objectively. Maybe I could have two?

    …this is all spawned from Flashcom making it so easy to do this stuff, yo!

  9. That would be interesting. Are you proposing to use Flashcom as a broadcast for your TV? That would be great for an select underground group of users, BUT what about copyrights, liscensing, and what if it got so big that you had to keep restarting Flashcom because you breached your amount of users. Im all for it, question is… long will it last until Time Warner sends you a “cease and Desisst” letter.. :)

  10. Not CNN, but my custom, live filmed version of Tech TV. I’d cover Macromedia product news as well as slashdot type content. My girl would probably do that as well as web stuff.

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