New Flash Player: 6.0r79

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I have sumarized the Flashcom stuff, so check the link above for exact changes.

– better audio and video syncronization from Flashcom
– better video framerate in live mode
– better audio latency in live mode (fewer gaps)
– new NetStream property in live mode called <code>liveDelay</code> which shows how much audio delay you are experiencing because of varying network delays
– syncronization of buffered FLV’s between video, audio, and data is now more precise (pre-recorded FLV’s)
– stream time property is now more smooth in changing whereas before it increased in steps

<b>Time Zone Fix</b>
– Fixed invalid daylight savings time offset in the southern hemisphere.

<b>Nested Masks with Device Text</b>
– Fixed rendering bug with device text and nested masks. This issue was only present on Windows XP.

<b>Screen Reader Crash</b>
– The Windows Tablet PC Operating System ships with the Screen Reader ?Speak Text? on by default. This system along with others that rely on a screen reader were experiencing a crash on certain web sites. This issue has been resolved.

4 Replies to “New Flash Player: 6.0r79”

  1. Hey Brutha,

    The package has been stuck in cutoms for the past few days.. I called to see what was up and it seems that you forgot to fill out the customs declaration… they should have been trying to contact you regarding that but I’ve asked and they thought it should be ok if you just email the info to me and I fax it in to them..

    Can you please outline what was in the package as you sent it in an email to me plz.

    thanks dude


  2. Currently, I just shipped your palm and the receipt… that was it. I’ll send all the info I got tomorrow morning. Is all you need is the contents and shipping number?

  3. just the contents.. ie.. did you leave it in the box or repackage as you said you were gonna possibly do..

    normally when you post stuff overseas you have to fill out a small declaration of what the contents of the package is.. thats the bit they said was missing..

    if you can just shoot me a quick email that has that info I can print it out and fax it to them.. don’t need mention the receipt tho.. :)

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