FLoadingBox Gotcha

Found a gotcha in using the FLoadingBox. This applies to FMessageBox (inluded in Component Set 2) and any other Box derivative I’m sure. Read on…

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  1. why do you always sign your name on your posts, it says “posted by” at the bottom of everyone, ya freak! FREAK! You havn’t made a comment in my blog :( *CRY*

    hehe :)

  2. Sorry, old habit.

    I haven’t made a comment on yours because I haven’t been on a computer long enough at night… been somewhere else. Where could that be? I’ll hit you up soon.


    In my utter madness of stress.. I was up till 2am last night.. finally was able to go to sleep.

    Had the big meeting today, went very well. I SHOULD have been there and I am very glad I went.

    Congrats on your laptop, use your webcam and take a pic of it to show people your VIO!

  4. I will as soon as I get the dang thing working. It won’t take a boot disk, so I can’t get it into a command prompt so I can format it. Instead, just installing WinXP on an older partition; deleted the other one. Stupid XP. F8 didn’t even work, took me to a list of options, but none of them were plain old DOS. Wtf… Thank God I work in a room full of programmers.

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