Agile Chronicles #12: Technical Debt

I know it may sound like I’m painting a rosy, infallible picture of Scrum.  It’s the truth, though, and I feel like it solved most of my project problems.  There is, however, one main problem I saw that made Scrum, and Iterative Development in general, fall flat on its face.  It’s called Technical Debt, and it’s a problem with programming in general, not Scrum/Agile.  When it rears its head in Scrum, the effects are devastating, and I believe one of the main reasons Scrum fails for a lot of people.

This article will discuss what Technical Debt is from a Flash/Flex developer perspective, how it negatively affects my Scrum projects, and what are some of the prescribed ways to prevent it.  Nothing ground breaking here folks, just corroboration that TD IS a major problem, and not even Scrum is immune.

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