MVC in Corona via Robotlegs

I’ve recorded a new video series that goes over how to do Model View Controller development for medium to Enterprise mobile applications in Corona SDK via Robotlegs. It’s a popular framework from the Flash/Flex world that I’ve spent the last 2 years on and off porting from ActionScript 3 to Lua. It’s mature enough now that I can start actually recommending its usage, primarily to garner feedback for guiding it’s future implementation.

Additionally, I recorded a code walkthrough separately below. Code’s in the Cafe Townsend section in the repo.

One Game A Month – April Postmortem: Health Katas

I’ve entered into the One Game a Month party. It’s like Ludum Dare, a challenge to make, and most importantly FINISH, a game in a set amount of time based on a theme. What makes #1GAM unique is you have an entire month and it spans an entire year. They have a thriving Twitter and Google+ group.

I’ve entered strictly for learning purposes and to see if I can actually finish something. Game development is surprisingly very different from application development, and it’s nice to feel really stupid again.

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Backbone.js for Flash and Flex Developers


The JavaScript web development community has a significant amount of application development frameworks, specifically around creating scalable applications using MVC/MVP/MVVM/MVPM/MVPV/MVSC, etc. Flash & Flex have the same, although not as many, nor as many library dependencies.

Backbone in particular has some longevity amongst the many frameworks available and has been used in some high profile applications (notably Pivotal Tracker). Since I’ve recently been fixing a web application project with a varied history, I’m diving head first into Backbone, and taking a break from diving into Angular.

In this article, I’ll go over what Backbone is, how its features compare to frameworks Flash & Flex Developers are used to, and some implementation details that will help you compare how JavaScript MVC apps compare to Flash and Flex ones.

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