Breaking the $100 Per Hour Barrier

I get this question at least once a year so thought I would write a blog post on it to help others. “How do I make more than $100 per hour?”. I’ve learned a few ways and wanted to share them below. If you want to save time, simply do something other than programming such as flipping houses, investment banking, or being the boss of a mid size company. They make way more money than we do. If you still love programming, but just want to know your options for making more money, read on.

I won’t cover whether money can buy you happiness or not. All I’ll say is that for some people it does, and others it does not.

Many of the financial and tax nomenclature below applies to the USA, but the types of work are the same regardless of country.

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What I Learned About Trying to Double My Rate


I made a new years resolution to double my rate this year. If you take a look at the current Flex Consulting Rates, and think double or triple, you’ll have an idea of what I’m trying to do.

In the past 8 months I’ve found three challenges to reaching my goal. First, I had some misperceptions of what level of quality of software businesses want. Second, I have been distracted from the truth by the echo chamber I participate in, specifically the Twitter followers and blogs I read. Finally, and most importantly, while I’m good at marketing, I’ve completely failed in selling the value of my services.  The following lists the failings in detail with my new goals to fix those problems.

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