MVC in Corona via Robotlegs

I’ve recorded a new video series that goes over how to do Model View Controller development for medium to Enterprise mobile applications in Corona SDK via Robotlegs. It’s a popular framework from the Flash/Flex world that I’ve spent the last 2 years on and off porting from ActionScript 3 to Lua. It’s mature enough now that I can start actually recommending its usage, primarily to garner feedback for guiding it’s future implementation.

Additionally, I recorded a code walkthrough separately below. Code’s in the Cafe Townsend section in the repo.

Why Robotlegs For Games?

Why Robotlegs for Games?

The following covers why you would utilize the Robotlegs MVC architecture in a lightweight, Lua game for Corona. I’ll discuss the refactoring reasoning, the common problems you run across in game architecture, and their solutions with their pro’s and con’s discussed. Finally, I conclude on how Robotlegs helps solve these common issues, specifically in a Lua & Corona context.

I’ve started the port of Robotlegs to Lua to work in Corona if you’re interested in learning more.

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