Strictly Typed Functional Programming for Roblox

I managed to get Hypatia, an Elm and PureScript like typed Functional Programming language that compiles to Lua, running in Roblox. Roblox is a 3D game engine that has a ton of already built games and editor where games are built in Lua. My kids spend way too much time and our money in it. I couldn’t get Amulet, another similar language, too compile, but Hypatia “spoke to me” more. Advent of Code 2020 this year taught me dealing with no types and race conditions is painful. I really wanted to explore what other language options there are that compile to Lua.

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Write Unbreakable Python

In this article, I’ll show you how to write Python with no runtime exceptions. This’ll get you partway to writing code that never breaks and mostly does what it’s supposed to do. We’ll do this by learning how to apply functional programming to Python. We’ll cover:

  • ensure functions always work by learning Pure Functions
  • avoid runtime errors by return Maybes
  • avoid runtime errors in deeply nested data using Lenses
  • avoid runtime errors by return Results
  • creating pure programs from pure functions by Pipeline Programming
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React Redux Thunk vs Elm


It’s a bit easier to learn Elm if you compare it to things you know. If you know React and Redux, then comparing them can help a lot to understand Elm concepts. I’ve built the same application in React Redux Thunk and Elm so we can compare them together. The end result is a table of things you can paginate through. Comparing these 2 applications is apples to apples. They’re identical to the end user. Yet the technologies behind them are apples to oranges. Seeing those deviations using familiar tech in the same application can help your understanding.

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