Cocoa Chronicles #1: ActionScript vs. Objective C

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*** Update: Paul Taylor (@guyinthechair) has a more recent post on the same subject. ***

*** NOTE: I’m a n00b at Cocoa and Objective C. Unlike Python, I don’t like learning it, either. If you perceive something below is inaccurate, please comment, and I’ll update. ***


I was having a lot of fun using the iPhone packager. Then Apple changed their licensing to prevent people like me from using ActionScript for iPhone/iPad, and instead being forced to use their toolsets, or those unofficially approved. At first I was furious. Then I tried to get a simple list to scroll in AS3. Even using a fake mask, device fonts, and cacheAsBitmap for all items + container, it just wasn’t smooth, even with just 30 items, regardless of frame rate. If you use an out of the box UITableView in Cocoa, it “just works”.

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