Back in the Consulting Game

I put in my 2 weeks notice 3 weeks ago at Multicast Media Technologies, a Live and On Demand Online Video company here in Atlanta. I was originally hired as a Flex Consultant back in March of 2007. I had taken a 3 month sabbatical to find a product company that jived with my goals, but mostly to play XBox for 2 1/2 months. After that, my wife and I jetted to Sydney, Australia so we could both speak at WebDU 2007 (she got the bigger room). I was pretty re-charged to do some Flex work that March. I even got the opportunity to don the khakis and do some on-site client consulting in California. About 5 months into it, they offered me a W2 position, and I accepted. I still kept the flip-flops.
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AMFPHP Video Tutorials

Patrick Mineault posted some video tutorials with the release of AMFPHP 1.2 at However, SourceForge‘s servers blow… I couldn’t even download them to mirror them on my servers, so had to wait for Patrick to mirror them on his server first. Anyway, they are now mirrored on one of my servers.

Additionally, I’ve put them in my CaptivatePlayer so you can watch them all at once with volume control.

AMFPHP Video Tutorials – (All 6)

or individually:

  1. Install Part 1
  2. Install Part 2
  3. Install Part 3
  4. Service Browser Part 1
  5. Service Browser Part 2
  6. Service Browser Part 3

Nature Boy has the full mirror list here.

Flash, Flex, & AMFPHP: RSS Reader Example

Wanted to not only learn bindings in Flex, but see how they compared to Flash in terms of actually using them and seeing their benefits side-by-side to Flash. The fact you can bind any property to any property of a GUI component rocks the mic!

So, since both of these RSS reader’s hit the same AMFPHP webservice, I figured I’d just upload the source so you could see how to use Flash & Flex with AMFPHP since there aren’t many examples around on using either, ecspecially for using RemoteObject with something other than Java, in this case PHP via AMFPHP without using the Flex server. Additionally, this is a simple enough example in Flex to see how the bindings work.

You’ll have to setup AMFPHP yourself as the SWF’s are not using the Flex server as a proxy, and thus will not work unless hosted on because of the security sandbox. Unless you spoof this, or use AMFPHP to actually forward the request (which is easy I believe), or just setup and run localhost.

Here’s how they work:
– Flash or Flex hits the AMFPHP gateway via Flash Remoting, and calls the getRSS1Feed method in a PHP class called RSSReader.
– The RSSReader class’ method, getRSS1Feed takes 1 parameter, the URL to an RSS feed, and uses Magpie to parse it into a usable object. It then returns this object in the function.
– AMFPHP sends the object back to Flash or Flex.
– Flash or Flex then displays the RSS feeds and allows you to cycle through the blog entries.

Needless to say, the Flex one was faster to build, and more fun!

The Flash One

The Flex One

Files & Links

Source Files

Magpie PHP RSS Parser (his files need to be next to RSSReader.php in the AMFPHP “services” folder)



Flash Does the Google Suggest Thang

Been coding PHP for past week and then some. I just noticed today, however, that‘s function search is doing the Google Suggest thing.

Blatant imitation is sometimes looked on as wrong, uncool, and unoriginal. To me, this is a great technology and/or method, so why not use it to benefit mankind?

I know it benefits me looking through array methods via typing 2 keys; awesome!