One Game A Month – January Postmortem: PlaneShooter


I’ve entered into the One Game a Month party. It’s like Ludum Dare, a challenge to make, and most importantly FINISH, a game in a set amount of time based on a theme. What makes #1GAM unique is you have an entire month and it spans an entire year. They have a thriving Twitter and Google+ group.

I’ve entered strictly for learning purposes and to see if I can actually finish something. Game development is surprisingly very different from application development, and it’s nice to feel really stupid again.

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How to Show Regular Time in Google Spreadsheets

I cannot read military time. I can read regular time. Google Spreadsheets at the time of this writing only supports formatting for military time. After digging around, I found this formula works:

=TEXT ( theCell, “hh:mm a”)

You can then have the military time column (which will auto-format when you type a time value in) to the left, and then use the above formula for the column to the right. Combined with changing the military time column to a lighter text to lower it’s visual prominence, you get something like this: