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That blond chick from Smallville. They even call it a blog. Wonder what the marketing people make of it (regardless if they themselves write it or not).

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My Man E

Added a new co-worker, the other Flash guy at my company. I don’t get to work with him much on projects, cause he’s on a totally other product we develop, but we still collaborate.

He’s a very valuable blog because he’s definately very programmer’ish, but was using Flash way back from the beginning, so knows how to apply a lot of today’s programming concepts in Flash based on experience.

<a href=”http://www.erikbianchi.com/”>Check him out</a>!


Via <a href=”http://www.mediadiva.net/mt/”>her majesty</a>.

Thought I saw this posted before, but just in case…

Allows you to subscribe to RSS (blog) feeds via their site. No software needed.
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Darron J. Schall

Adding a new peep to my list of fellow Flasherz. Darron J. Schall, who I’ve been desperately trying to help (and failing miserably) on some of his side projects with .NET, Screenweaver, and Flash. I’ve generally been the idea bouncer lately, kind of like what I do with John Robinson, and he’s also picked up my slack on Flashn00bz if I leave out a programmtic detail (since there are a lot of hardcore programmers there, too).

Currently, he’s got one of his Flash projects getting posted soon (spam him to force him to post it quicker), FlashStickies. He’s got others, but like me, he makes stuff only to learn a crapload and wish you could start over. I’ve encouraged him to post his works because I think others can learn through his trials (like I post my stuff).

<a href=”http://www.darronschall.com/weblog/”>Darron J. Schall</a>