Wing – Programming Language for the Cloud

Reviewed this week. I did NOT get a chance to play with it, but did read the docs.

There is a lot to say, but here’s the gist. It’s like the AWS CDK, but a whole other language designed specifically for building cloud applications in multiple clouds. You write in Wing, like you would with TypeScript in the AWS CDK, and it compiles to a cloud target; like “S3 buckets in CloudFormation” or “Lambda functions in Terraform”. It also includes code that can run _on_ the cloud called inflight code (preflight code is what builds your infra), and most importantly, tests that can run locally AND _in_ + _on_ the cloud.

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Criticisms of The Grug Brained Developer

That website I think is pretty ignorant. I know the idea was to be silly, and follow the meme of “old, wizened guru programmer realizes things are actually easier and better in software if you keep things simple”… except things aren’t simple, sorry, that’s the gig. I’m concerned people will read this as their desired career end state.

Yes, some good lessons and ideas in there, but some are just ignorant and wrong. Like all programming lessons and ideas. And they change over time as well as you change. Let’s tackle the bad parts in order they’re written and add nuance to where they didn’t.

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