Punisher Fan Film

Thomas Jane, the actor who played the original Punisher in 2004, made a 10 minute fan film as tribute. Kotaku has more details. It’s violent. Bloody. And has Ron Perlman in it, too.

Frank Castle, the Marvel character, was a role Thomas Jane really enjoyed. So he made this fan film for fun. I remember my step brother having some Punisher comics back in the day that I can got to read, and his appearance on the 90’s animated Spiderman was a very interesting storyline; a vigilante hunting a vigilante who is in an unusual position to combine forces.

What I liked was the director did a great job of subtly showcasing Frank’s violent past, the destitue circumstances he’s ended up in, and the unshakable desire for him to punish criminals… even at the cost of knowingly waiting for them to commit additional acts of violence just to justify additional punishment. The intensity of the filming, the constant head shots, the forlorn look of Frank as he constantly tries to ignore the immediate events of the world around him, it really is a lot more character focused and great. Even the scene with Ron, using him as a sounding board for the philosophic struggle Frank goes through; basically setting the plot for the entire film over a YooHoo drinking.

I really hope they make it into a movie and use this filming style vs. the 2004 and 2008 one.