Diffing on a Mac Resolution

I have everything I need on a Mac now after finally getting svnX to work, and thus justifying it’s existence (still doesn’t work with Google Code, though… must need more practice). Subversion client? Check.

All that’s left is a diffing tool that is comparable to BeyondCompare for the PC. I hit Google, and read this blog entry as well as every single comment.

Subclipse? Negative, Ghostrider.

  1. I do not work from my code base. SVN goes into 1 folder and my local copy into another. I then shuttle back and forth using BeyondCompare. Subclipse forces you to work in your checked out files. There are a lot of advantages to not do this.
  2. Diffing tool is a joke when you’ve used BeyondCompare.

Guiffy? Nope.

  1. I have to know Regular Expressions to exclude things? Um… no. I’m too dumb to use that feature, or is that I’m not smart enough to take advantage of it?
  2. I only gave it 1 hour, and got frustrated. Unfair, but I’m a user. I’ve got another month with the trial, so I’ll definately give it a ton more tries.

BBEdit? Haven’t tried it yet. I couldn’t find anything describing diff stuff in their docs, so didn’t bother. Someone know more?

FileMerge? A C guy I respect swears by it. I didn’t like it. It doesn’t (as far as I could find) support comparing file structures. This is an EXTREMLY important feature for me. The diffs do that same thing the others do where they have the strechy line things… dude, just f’ing point to the difference lineary, and I’ll fix it, you don’t need to kick it Sportacus style with the arrows for me to clearly see where the difference is.

Solution? Purchase CrossOver, use BeyondCompare. 2nd day in a row and I’m not looking back. It just works.

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  1. I use BBEdit for this. It has a superb search and replace feature plus the compare one can compare folders and files. This together with the RegEd support and you are all set.

    Just try it. It is the best so far and a great code editor as well.

  2. Jesse,

    A few steps behind you in that I have not yet gotten Subversion working.

    Interested as to why you don’t work out of you checked out files ?

    Many steps behind you in that version control is still foreign to me so I’m fishing for any tips on the ‘best’ way to do it. I had just assumed that when I got Subversion running I’d just use Subclipse.

  3. If it’s anything like SCPlugin (and it is because they both use the same subversion client under the covers), you need to check out your project at Google Code from the command line once, and then it will work fine from the graphical client. It has something to do with the security certificate.

  4. Not to throw out another option since you like what you got, but Araxis just started a Mac beta of Merge. Might we worth looking at. Merge on the PC is the bomb! I’m digging the mac version, but haven’t given it much of a run yet.

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