Running out of PC Defenses

I played WoW on my Intel MacBook last night. Her majesty had been playing it for a week on her new MacBook Pro Core Duo. After seeing how well it ran, I figured I’d give it a try on my MacBook (which is not a pro, nor a Core Duo, just a regular ‘ole Intel). It ran well; well enough for me play and actually enjoy it.

…I’m running out of defenses in the PC vs. Mac debate. That was always my trump card. You could always score a critical hit to any insecure Mac fanboy by using the gaming argument. Unfortunately, after playing WoW, seeing the gaming store having more native Mac games, and with a plethora of Mac hacks like CrossOver and Parallels, I’m failing to see the point of buying a PC in the future. I have a few reasons left to still justify Windows, just not non-Apple hardware. I STILL haven’t found a diff tool for Mac that compares with BeyondCompare. I keep hearing “terminal” this and “SubClipse-piece-of-crap” that. Granted, using CrossOver, I could pretty much remedy that problem by using BeyondCompare.

My Alienware laptop plays Quake 4 sweet. It also weighs 14.5 lbs (6.6 kilos). My MacBook plays WoW, and runs Flash, and Flex Builder weighing 4lbs (1.8 kilos).

Vista looks hot, but… man, times have changed.

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  1. I have a super beefy pc rig that I love and a mac mini for testing.

    My main tether to Windows has always been C# .net development but with mono project running so strong and the ability to run windows under the Intel macs, I don’t see any reason to continue with any further pc purchases. As far as gaming (I like Crack-Life), like I said – I already have a beast of a pc so I can play that anytime.

    I’ve enjoyed the mini so much, my boss is getting me one of the new duo core intel G5 imacs (the 20 inch) next month.

  2. So wait, here we are at the end of 2006 and you can *nearly* run the software you want on a mac. Whoopeee?

    You wanna talk max bang for battery life and weight tradeoff in a laptop…check the new Vaios…they are truly smokin.

  3. PC man here (but I do have an old iBook too).
    Can the Mac crowd remind me why I should buy a Macbook versus a Vista laptop? Why a Mac – to run Win on it? Seems weird. And it’s got PC hardware in it by the sounds of it. So is it the cool factor? Just for looks?

    They seem to be overpriced – but I do want to like em :-)

  4. it is true the PC laptops in some cases have better battery life, like that 12″ dell it has a 7 hour battery on it. I will trade the battery life for the apple airport ANY DAY.

  5. >Can the Mac crowd remind me why I should buy a Macbook versus a Vista laptop?

    Well for one thing, Vista will probably be semi-broken until Service Pack 2, like most MS OSes. Where I work, we don’t even deploy an MS OS ’til SP2.

    OS X, on the other hand, is usually pretty cherry upon release. OS X is also what Vista is trying to be. So why should I wait?

  6. Well, I’ve spent about 50/50 mac/pc time, and for the first time I seriously considered a macbook pro for my recent purchase. In the end though, I went with a sweet XPS 12″. Ironically, it was the fact that I couldn’t get the video card I wanted with the Mac. Having worked as a troubleshooter on both systems, I’ve seen all manner of problems on both windows and osx boxes. I’m not particularly partial to one or the other.
    What I have noticed is that windows boxes usually have a lot more software installed, and a lot of it might not be entirely legit. This might have something to do with windows rep for being slower and less stable. There are a lot more options for messing up a windows box.
    Just a thought.

  7. Wake me up when this “debate” has some new info. Sorry–but I haven’t heard anything new on this topic for a good 10-15 years.

  8. As a designer using a Mac G5 (PowerPC Dual 2.3 GHz w/ 2GB SDRAM) my machine is solid.

    Course, I don’t use it (nor want to) for gaming stuff. To me, that’s a waste of time … buy a Wii or PS3 or something.

    But the other designers in my group use Windows machines, none run Vista yet though. However, for us it comes down to cost. We have a state contract for Lennovo/IBM boxes and laptops. So, when I upgrade (couple of years) I’ll be on a Lennovo.

    What will that mean? No admin priviledges, more crashes, etc. I am pro Mac because it just works. Same reason I drive a Toyota, it just runs.

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