Halloween Mix 2007

Mix this year is from German DJ G-I-S, something he did back in August (Thanks Milkshoes!). I didn’t have time like last year because of consulting and the Adobe MAX conference. It’s scary enough to count as Halloween. Dark Drum & Bass mix.

“Who are you?”


Breaknights [2006_09_15].mp3

I couldn’t find the Air Force uniform at Costumes, Etc. in Buckhead to be Colonel Major John Shephard from Stargate Atlantis. So I’ve dyed my hair black and am going as Neo from the Matrix Revolutions. My scalp has a burning sensation… is that bad? I rented that suit cape thing he wears and bought like 20 glowsticks to hand out to people at Eleven 50 where Hybrid is spinning.

LOL, Matrix!

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  1. My scalp has a burning sensation… is that bad?

    It probably means you are allergic to the hair die you are using. Perhaps It would be better you got another more enviromentally friendly die and used that instead. Sounds like you’ve got a cool costume though. :D

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