11 Replies to “MacGyver Mouse Pad”

  1. crack me up. Just organize your workflow and do most of the work in your head… then just press one key and you’re done.

    Anyway, I have this mouse pad with an extra bump on it… I’ve had it over 10 years. The bump is worn down. Sort of scary.

    I also had these really great–but old–headphones and I wraped foam around the earpieces (because the old foam disintegrated). Looked pretty goofy… but not half as bad as your pad.

  2. They didn’t have a mouse pad here, so I had to make do, bro!

    Yeah, it did hurt, but I just grit my teeth and yanked band-aid style. It was worth it; my wrist didn’t hurt anymore.

  3. Dude,
    Quick question, how did you get the flash video to play on mouse rollover. I’ll appreciate your help.

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