Chicks Dig Hugs, Guys Dig Swords and Caves

I usually like to discount these types of studies but this one is pretty dead on. It explains how behavioral studies into stress for women differs greatly than that of men. This is significant because previously it was assumed everyone had a fight or flight reaction to stress, whereas this study indicates women instead prefer to nuture relationships with other women as a reaction to stress.

Corroboration Examples.

Me: “Dude, today was stressful!” Goes to office, closes door, turns lights out, and proceeds to play single-player game to let off steam.

Her Majesty: “Today was stressful!” Proceeds to tell me about her day, and wants to spend time together talking.

Me: “Dude, this code is hard. I’m going to solve this or die trying!” Proceeds to actively and agressively focus 100% of all physical and emotional resources on solving problem.

Her Majesty: “This project is challenging and I enjoy it, but this one particular person is driving me nuts!” Proceeds to go talk to female co-worker friends.

I’m sure I could think of a few other scenarios where she acted just like me, however. For example, when she gets pissed in Counterstrike, she’ll grab the n00b cannon, some armor, and just run non-stop into every room shooting with abandon in a berserker rage.

Anyway, pretty interesting to read the chemical reasons why we act the way we do.

UCLA Study on Friendship Among Women

Via her majesty.

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  1. Hey Jesse…long time not speak! Glad to see you all are doing well. Congratulations on walking! That is terrific! All is well here. I concur with Her Majesty’s article.

    I have a group of 3 girls I hang out w/every other weekend now. We hike 15-20 miles bi-weekly at some state park or mountain. The combo of exercise & girl-chat is totally theraputic. The husband & kids are SAFE now!… :o) We also have wine & cheese slumber parties, watch old chick flicks, and find activities & parties to dress up for & attend. Similar to pre-adolescent girl days of playing dress up, Barbies, and ‘looking pretty’…only we get tanked on wine & Mom doesn’t make us go to sleep early anymore… Our next goal is to talk our husbands into taking Salsa lessons with us… That will take more time & intense scheming. Wish us (and our husbands!) luck! :o) You gotta have fun in life…no matter what age or circumstance.

    Anyway, just jesting w/the Jester. Glad you are doing great. From the pics, you guys are looking great & glad to hear about your life successes & good times. Take care! – Kristina…former ‘QA Dude’ from SIS…

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