Chunk vs. Picard, Juggernaut, & Ruby on Rizz-nails Weekend

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BANG, BANG sucka (turn up your speakers), I’m the Juggernaut. Imma hit chu wif ya own pimp!

Talked to Steven Wednesday night, guy who sent me bang bang, about Ruby. I got to ask a bunch of questions about it and apparently, it does all the crap I hate doing in back-end code for me. Her majesty’s gone for the week, so I’m going to give Ruby & Rails a run through this weekend; gotta bunch of docs to read + 2 hosts. Ben Jackson I believe already wrote a Remoting-esque implementation for Flash so at least this isn’t 100% new territory.

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  1. I started messing with Ruby on Rails a few months back Jesse and its pretty cool. I’m not sure I would make it my language of choice but yeah it takes care of the admin pages and all that stuff with one call. What I didn’t like was what a total pain it was to get running on OS X. I could have put it on my windows box but truth is I believe that code meant to run on a *nix will always play nicer in a non windows scenario. I did hear that the Windows installer was easy though. There is also an open source IDE called Rad Rails that is pretty good. Still has some bugs but Its better than anything else I’ve found for that kind of thing. Have a good one with it.

  2. I’d definitely recommend the book ‘Agile Development with Rails’ if you decide that RoR is your cup of tea. Me personally … I love it :)

  3. I started messing with RoR a few months ago. I was using .NET and Cfusion as well as some Actionscript. All have advantages and I wanted something to call my own. Ruby and Ruby on Rails became that which I was looking for.

    Sean is right. Agile Development with Rails is a nice reference book. I also highly recommended it. 2nd Edition is in beta but looks like it’s going to be a winner. (I WILL pwn it!)

    My Corporate Masters don’t exactly condone the usage of it over their .NET / Cfusion architecture so it forces me to use it on my own time and my own projects. However, I’m working on a project now that’s probably going to change their mind once I present it. :) *crossing fingers*

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