Super Model Digs FlashLite & Creative Commons TV

Technology journalist Robert X. Cringely interviews Anina in episode #9, a Europeon catwalk model about the mobile internet on his show “I, Cringely” which airs on NerdTV @ PBS. She is very positive about FlashLite & FlashCast and shows her belief in it. She mentions a comparison between FlashLite and Flash 7 and how FlashLite isn’t as powerful… hehe, Deuce’ll (FlashLite 2) change that hopefully.

Another cool thing is the show itself is under a Creative Commons license, my favorite license for my open source software that I put out. In researching usage rights of the video so I could show you all a snippet, within the very first description paragraph about the show, it clearly mentions this license, and your rights to create new versions of the show, and distribute it to your friends. Holy cow, what a frikin’ cool concept… that’s easy to find! Thanks PBS!!!

I’ve included the 2 minute segment here. If you want the full episode, you can download the mp4 or Torrent file from the site.

Finally, just to confirm, the Flash 8 FLV Video Player, the component that comes with Flash Player 8, is how skinning SHOULD be done. If you are a component maker, and want to know how to create components for others to skin, that is THE prime example which all others should be compared.

Via Rajat Paharia.