Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for my Nokia 6680 Phone

My Nokia Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard arrived today for my Nokia 6680 cell phone. Retails for $199, but I got it for about $139 at Mobile City Online. It’s only fitting that I get a keyboard for a phone that boots. There is definately a line a device crosses, more so a phone when the words “boot” and “shutdown” enter your vocabulary when describing its functions as opposed to “on” and “off”.

While wireless itself isn’t new, the fact I can blog from my dining room via tools that fit in both pockets is just wicked. All I need to do is make a lighter weight interface in HTML since the current MoveableType one is too heavy for this phone’s browser…at least, I think it is. I can already email my pictures to Flickr, so once I get cellblogging on this mofo, I’m set!

The last trip I took, I didn’t have a laptop, just my Nokia 3300 which had text & multimedia messaging which doubled surprisingly well as email. Flickr worked the same, although the camera wasn’t near as good.

Now, I can check real email as this one suppports POP and IMAP; she’s slow, though, because I usually get like 200 emails an hour, and the phone’s MEdia net connection certainly isn’t broadband.

:: back on computer ::

MAN, my next keyboard will definately be an ergo… geez, I certainly couldn’t make my living coding on that mofo in a coffee shop.

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