XBox: Dragonball Z – Sagas

Last week, my wife felt bad I was getting my arse kicked (and still am Flash Player Team!!!) by an .ocx problem with Flash and having to write 50 billion commands for work. She got me 2 games, one of which was Dragonball Z: Sagas for XBox. It basically follows the part of the famous TV show I started on while in college; where planet earth is getting attacked by Vegeta and everyone is training to make sure they are powerful enough to stop them.

The cons. If you hit a level boundary, like a side, your character goes into mega-slow mo and stops. So, if you are running full speed, you stop even if you brush it. I could code collisions better than that mess. The game as hard as nuts fighting bosses, even though I put the diffuculty level to Normal (Easy/Normal/Diffucult). I made it all the way to the 3rd level in one sitting, and got owned by Vegeta. There is no physical way to get through mortar attacks, and plasma blasts that could level a house without going to Google to figure out how to beat him. Also, some of the battles are one on one, not what the cartoon storyline usually had happen. More often than not, it was 5 good guys vs. 1 super bad guy; in the game, they usually show real cartoon shots at the end of the battle to give context.

The pros. Just… like… the… cartoon. They did a very good job. The levels, the style of look, the characters look; it’s all exact. The sound effects as well as the explosions and screen shake all are that insane, epic, larger than life feeling you get when you follow the cartoon’s storyline. They actually show the bosses’ power levels. They hardly ever did in the cartoons, just gasping, “OMFG, his power level is huge!!!!” but never actually showing the #, nor the scale.

If I can’t beat Vegeta today, I’m trading it back in since it was used for another game.

Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

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  1. my son reminded me for a month of the release date so that we could pick it up as soon as it was available (he paid for it 2 months ago). It seems like a pretty cool game. I prolly woulda thought it was cooler if I hadn’t been owned by a couple of 12 year olds though. :)

  2. I just beat Vegeta. It’s easy; you just punch 3 time, kick 3 times, punch 3 times, kick 3 times, repeat. Your arm gets tired, but you’ll win eventually.

  3. oh yeah. I thought you were talking about DBZ Tenchachi (or whatever it is). Yeah my kid beat sagas in two days. Cool game though.

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