Microsoft IM + Yahoo! IM = *yawn*

Yahoo! Media Relations

Yahoo! Inc. and Microsoft Corp. today announced a landmark agreement to connect users of their consumer instant messaging (IM) services on a global basis.

Why should I care? I can already talk to MSN users, Yahoo users… AND AOL users using Trillian. 1 program, 3 communities communicated to transparently.

We tech geeks have it too good; we’re not slaves to brands’ and their whims. Maybe if Yahoo! would tell us how they got Flash games into their IM client, then maybe I’d care. Maybe.

* Update: This is actually nice because now I can just use my MSN account to talk to MSN users AND Yahoo! users. Bringing together networks of people is a good thing.

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  1. I bought Trillian and stopped using it after couple of months.

    I liked that it has all IMs in one, but I never knew that it allows u to communicate with Yahoo to MSN users?

    I also found that their support sucks, i sent so many emails for different issues..No one replied, no tickets were resolved.

    Stealth mode, contact catagory features are not good too…

    But may be I just used it for short time, my assesment might be wrong or in-accurate.

    But what I understand from MSN-Yahoo tie up, I would be able to cross communicate between the two different IM services, which is nice thing…


  2. have you ever find trillian jam up all the contacts from msn/yahoo/aim…?

    or nicknames never/rarely updated or auto-switch back to old nicks months ago ?

    had been using trillian for years, recently switched to adium (mac) and gaim(pc). :-)

  3. I see what you mean Abdul; I currently have to have accounts with MSN to talk to MSN users; AOL to connect to AOL users and Yahoo! to talk to Yahoo! users; all Trillian does is provide me with one program.

    In that case, I see that as a good thing; bringing networks of people together. That means I won’t have to use my Yahoo! account now!

  4. I agree with Abdul on this one. I used Trillian for a wee bit, and it works as advertised. But there’s an asterisk, isn’t there? You can’t have one sign-in for all those networks, you have to have as many sign-ins as you have networks. Well, not anymore! Now you can have (networks-1) sign-ins. Isn’t that nice? One down, a whole bunch to go. I can’t wait until there’s just the one sign-in, personally.

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