Community Voices, UI vs. Meat Goats, Breakin’ Goths, and Al Qaeda Raver

My favorite posts from this week.

Tariq Ahmed from Flexcoders linked to the this MXDJ Article about The Voices of the Community, where they asked a bunch of homeskillets industry related questions. Answers are interesting; more interesting when compared. I’m on page 1; pimp!

If you are going to raise livestock, I’d prefer Alpacas so you can saturate the knitting market with Alpaca fur, and thus lower the price of it’s fur. I have Alpaca thread coming out of the woodwork in this house because of my wife’s yarn obsession. I balled out laughing reading this post by Dynamic Flash, not just because of the text-book example of bad UI design, but the suggested career change for someone unsuccessful in the web design world just seemed… well, a 180 with a z-index. Anyway, I’ve never heard of meat goats, and I’m glad I did; now I have a random, weird statement to issue forth in times of frustration! Moo goo gai pan was getting old anyway.

Viewing the 1st video from Playfool’s post, I learned Goth’s could dance; I had no idea! Every 90’s movie I saw growing up had them head banging, and the paid goth dancers that dance on the platforms at clubs aren’t real goths. Anyway, some really really phat moves. Apparently, even Voltron can break it down; can you imagine the event model it took to code that shiz? Awesome…

Finally, making al Qaeda happy and then having them rave… dude (er, so, sorry JD) off the chain, yo!

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