You see an armored Microsoft, what do you do?

That’ll be a close one. Apparently, Microsoft is weilding a battle axe, war style, with 2 hands. This doubles its damage, and probably adds an additional attack per round.

Additionally, Microsoft appears to be of size huge, thus occupying 2 squares. This’ll make him hard to flank.

However, it appears Macromedia has the initiative for the round given the stance; in fact, Macromedia is already attacking. Apparently, that small sword will only add to the initiative, and maybe even act as a stiletto, allowing a precise strike through Microsoft’s hard armor. Plate Armor usually gives a 10 to armor, rendering them immune to low level characters. However, if Macromedia can take the initiative so quickly in such heavy armor, they are obviously not low level.

Even more astounding is Adobe’s stance; either he’s casting Smite Evil, which is a pretty cool and high level Paladin spell, OR he’s putting some sort of bless on the party, thus allowing Macromedia and he further potential to own in this ecounter.

It’ll be quite interesting to see if Macromedia’s small, but precise damage, with Adobe’s guiding strategic commands from above, can hope to match this armored, axe weilding, armored behemoth.

Stick and move… stick and move!

Via JD.

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  1. Judging by the intended trajectory of MM’s sword, it should prove an effective strike.

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