Battlefield 2

I’ve never played a buggier game in my life. The only reason I can even remotely believe this game actually shipped into a product one can purchase on the shelves of your local store is because… why? You guessed it. It was made by EA.

Still fun, though! Hopefully by the fifth patch, it’ll be playable.

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  1. hmm.. I’ve noticed a couple of bugs but nothing that has really impeded my playing. Awesome game though, really gets rid of the stress when I’m working too hard :D

    By the way, I’ve sent you a quick email, let me know if you don’t get it.

  2. A hell of a funny game, but I agree: the buggiest game I’ve ever seen. The name coloring bug and the interface un-responsiveness are just awful.

    They already patched a couple of really needed stuff though (ie, unable to login to a server via an external frontend, server browser locking up for the most stupid reasons), and if they continue with this pace, we should have a stable game in a couple of months.

  3. Humm did you play Battlefield 1942? That was the bugiest game ever. Yet even with that known fact the Battlefield series has been the best FPS out there since 1942. 2 rocks.

    EA just has it down when it comes to realism vs fun factor. They struck the right balance in this one again.

    Although i have to say that except for the demo map, the maps do trully suckomundo. Get me some more city fighting. I get that you can grab and plane or helicopter and fly through big maps.

  4. Just think, the expansion pack is coming up near the end of this year. Which couldn’t come soon enough for me. I really enjoy the game but the maps are insanely boring now. Definitely needs tons more maps.

  5. I’ve gotten used to a few of the bugs, namely Alienware laptops and their ‘approved’ video card popup is freaking annoying

    The menus are screwd as a ‘Flash Player’ fan, i’m embarassed that their menus and flash are remotely tied toegther (even though they apparently use a custom swf solution).

    Update List button for example via Multiplayer menu screws your listing up, and have to reload the game from desktop again (ie clear the game out of memory) just to get your list of servers back.

    Then there is the dreaded spawn bug, whereby you choose sniper (my personal fav) and when you next respawn your a medic? ‘WTF…’

    Last but not least, the most annoying feature about this game.

    Loading… verifying client data…

    omg, it takes so damn long that by the time your rounds finished you get sick of the loading and loose interest in the game….

    Jess, i concurr.

  6. I sent them an e-mail notifying them of the insane amount of bugs. The patches that have come out so far (this being written at version 1.12) usually produce bugs as soon as they fix some. For example, how on Earth could they forget putting the server IP and port while in-game? When they fixed that, how could they forget the port number? And when they ‘fixed’ that, it turns out it just shows the default port, not the one you’re actually playing on.

    And after they had fixed that run-from-external-app bug, they re-introduced it with patch 1.12, because of a 100% pointless popup that comes up whether you have the patch or not. It’s just… ridiculous.

    And then all of a sudden, sometimes when connecting to a server, it only shows part of the IP! I mean… COME ON! Not to mention of course the overall sluggishness.

    Of course, while in-game, the game is fantastic. BF1942 was exactly the same at first, a ridiculous amount of bugs regarding anything except gameplay. Too bad I’m so hooked on it, if not I would have given up a long time ago. ;)

    But I suppose they’ll fix it sooner or later. They did with BF1942, eventually.

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