Your Arm Is Worthless

“We don’t take arms here, sir.”

That’ll be the reply in 2012 from a fast-food-dispenser machine mechanic when they start inserting microchips into your wrist that contains credit/debit card information, and you go to an establishment that doesn’t accept that as a method of payment.

“Uh… wtf? My arm works just fine thank you; I can code with it AND pay for this meal you twit!”

I guess since I live in the boonies, Mickey-Dees-nuts assumes us country folk don’t use dem dere creh-dit kards…

Dude, it’s the 20th century, cash & checks are so for my parents generation… and there IS a difference between a debit card and a credit card… idiots.

I can go 2 exits further towards Atlanta, and they take debit cards there… idiots.

3 Replies to “Your Arm Is Worthless”

  1. Well, you should thank them, they are giving you a good excuse not to go to their restaurant. I know I haven’t been to an American-style fast food chain in five years, and it’s only been good for my mental and physical health.

  2. Perhaps you are right, and fate interviened upon my behalf in a positive way.

    …still, that doesn’t excuse their lack for bringing their payment system into the 19th century, I swear I read a news article over a year ago stating Mickey-Daedites was gonna support credit cards at some stores.

  3. I think they accept debit cards in Canada since a year or so ago. Still they could only accept three dollar bills for all I care. Their corporate policy of closing down restaurants that attempt to unionize is a little rough on my strong socialist leanings.

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