BA Graduation 2005

I’ve got 1 class left which I’ll finish in June, but I walked last Saturday (April 30th) to receive my degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership & Management. It actually won’t get mailed till about July, but that’s fine by me. The last year and a half has been extremely tough doing work + contract + school + marriage + trying to keep abreast of technology + personal branding + as much gaming & drinking as possible. I’ve no idea what I’ll do for a Masters yet. Onward!

Brandy and I @ Reinhardt College’s Waleska Campus Graudation Day

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  1. Hey congrats Jesse! I’ve only got 1 month left myself, been a tough old time so I know around about how it feels :p Best of luck to you with the masters when you decide (something like neural networks would be interesting eh! ;)

  2. Thanks man, and good luck to you as well!

    Neural whaaa? Naw, I was thinking like sociology or Human Computer Interaction… or anything along the lines of the psychology of groups of people. I guess that could help for neural networks, though… building a bunch of autonomous objects with rules based on common sociological viewpoints, hehe.

  3. Jesse,

    Congratulations — you worked hard for it! One more step down the path towards world domination.

  4. I am glad to see I am more important that gaming.. I am moving up in the world! Now I have to beat out contract hehe

  5. Hey Jesse, congratulations on your graduation from college. Your grandmother would be so proud and pleased with your accomplishments in school and life. good luck to you jesse . Bye

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