Spring Cleaning

Rest in pieces...

Rained this morning, but turned out to be partly sunny the rest of today (so far). Didn’t wash all the yellow death (pollen) away as you can see above, but that’s ok. My internet usage now is free from prejudice, albeit a lot less secure. Never again will I purchase a LinkSys product. After dealing with the hell of upgrading my firmware, no firmware matching the version I had on their FTP site, and no response from customer service via email, I put my foot down… literally. And then I put a brick down too, a few times just for good measure.

Could I have called customer service? Sure… I guess so. But who’s got time for that after already sending an email? It’s a $99, year and a half old router, not something I can afford to spend an inordinate amount of time on.

Just in case anyone’s in a similar situation, the weak spot is in the middle and near where the gray case connects to the blue stacking, front LED case; the case itself has amazing vertical strength, but it’s connection to the main case is pathetically weak, and one good stomp lights up everything as the router senses its own impending doom.

…too bad you can’t do the same thing to software…

4 Replies to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. You should burn the ‘TPS reports’ and box that came with it …

    Get an airport extreme!

    I had a linksys and was happy for a few years (until Cisco aquired them). Now support is lousy and quality is lacking (which is sort of surprising from Cisco!) … Anyways, I switched to an airport extreme (a couple years back) and besides having a nightmare of of a time in the early firmware versions, it’s now quite reliable and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with it. Not a single one ( knock on Steve Ballmer’s head ).


    You can’t hack it like a linksys (at least I haven’t seen anything).

    The UI is not as complex as linksys, this is both good and bad … you may run into limitations if you want all the linksys config gunk.

    It’s expensive for a good damn router (but worth it in the end run).

    I use netgear hubs and they are superb. Never had a problem … can’t speak about their routers, I imagine it’s the same deal.

    Good hunting.

  2. ‘…too bad you can’t do the same thing to software…’
    Hehe… thats hilarous…
    I’ve had netgear router and they work great.

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