Call of Duty: United Offensive 1.5 patch doesn’t work

Totally fubars the game; my sound gets all wacky, static, and chops. Additionally, the game still reports 1.41 on the bottom right. I’ve read the forums, but people are only reporting multiplayer problems, not single player, although 1 post was close to my problem; none were resolved.

Whatever it did, it messed up my original Call of Duty, too, because playing that game from my last save point (which was made last night) now shows the same problem… at least it updated it’s version when it installed the patch.

Makes sense, though, considering I have to use google to actually use the Call of Duty websites since their Flash-in-a-popup website doesn’t link to anything remotely useful. Crackheads.

Documenting here just in case anyone else has the same problem since I’ve messed with this for 3 hours now and I give up. Off to play Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 1 (my plan B new game I bought just in case United Offensive sucked). Since I own Ultramix 2, curious if this one is cool, too.

…why are console games cool again? Oh yeah, they fU@$||\|& work!

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  1. You should check out Brothers in Arms, released last week for Xbox and in the coming weeks for pc. Amazing WWII game play and squad tatics.

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