Zombie Nation: Use Firefox to Prevent Terrorism

That was the informative speech I gave Monday night in class. Got an A!

Additionally, open book test we took last Wednesday, got the highest grade in the class, a 98 (out of 100). The 2 I got wrong were done because I wasn’t paying attention to the fine print of the question. Being considered wrong because I was tricked was frustrating… but I still won.

It was really nice after my speech and during others’ intermissions to have people ask me questions about “Do webpages still work correctly?” and where do you get it, etc. We got the teacher to tell stories about computer happenings, like he sometimes does. He’s a good storyteller and has a lot of them since he used to be a cop, and a PR dude for some big company.

Anyway, I think I hopefully scored more converts and got a good grade doing it.

3 Replies to “Zombie Nation: Use Firefox to Prevent Terrorism”

  1. By not using IE, you greatly prevent yourself from having your computer’s security comprimised. Many of those computers which do become comprimised by hackers are then used in Denial of Service Attacks on websites and others. This is used by terrorist organizations to extort money out of people. The Russian Mafia has used this technique against gambling sites, threatening to shut their sites down via such attacks unless they pay up.

    One of the main cause, or gateway to getting your computer infected is by using IE. At least with Firefox, for the time being, your doing one the best things out of a lot of options to help protect your computer, and not have it be used in terrorist acts unknowingly.

  2. Its funny, but some banking websites (www.southtrust.com) actually pop up a warning if you are using firefox, saing that its not secure enough browser and they recommend IE or older versions of Netscape.

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