Tips for Women Executives and Managers

I don’t think these apply just to women. The advice about going to lunch has probably helped 60% of my relationship building with people in various departments in new jobs. Lunch in an informal setting is where you truly get to connect with your co-workers and understand and learn who they are. This strengthens your ability to work as a team.

ALWAYS do this with the IT Administrators as soon as possible; you want them on your side at all times, period.

I disagree with the work less part at the bottom, though; their obviously not talking about anyone involved in technology. I personally cannot learn fast enough to even remotely keep up with the industry.

Anyway, good advice for males here too, and helps to get an understanding of a woman’s perspective about her role in the workplace.

Tips for Women Executives and Managers

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  1. Great article! Thanks for posting it.

    Underselling myself is something that I’m constantly struggling against, but it can be overcome. I was very pleased with myself for mentioning being featured in New Masters of Flash with a prospective client recently.

    I’d have to say that I aggree with the end of the article. Think of it in terms of stepping away from the monitor and into the world around you–that’s where inspiration comes from. That’s easier said than done though ;-)

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