Something I Noticed at New Years Eve

*click* *click* As soon as we toasted champagne, and everyone downed whatever they were drinking, those who weren’t double-fisting whipped out their cell phones (excluding those who already had their cell phones out), and started taking pictures. I’ve never seen that before.

Someone always has a camera, and sometimes a video camera… but everyone at the party was doing it! Pretty neat to see the change.

4 Replies to “Something I Noticed at New Years Eve”

  1. Great, just think of all the brain tumors and scrambled DNA we can look forward to! I’m having trouble pasting the links here but look around, there are serious health risks to all these damn cell phones all over the place.

  2. I’m not so worried about brain tumors–but I do fear a couple things: 1) are we going to forget the real-world experience and just look at photos? Think back to a vacation you took as a kid… if you have photos of the event you begin to forget the real thing. 2) digital media is naturally temporary. The chance of having a photo record of new years 2005 is less likely than 1900–at least a few hundred years from now.

  3. Well Phillip if your a person with a bad memory like me, photos actually help you remember :) I can see a photo from something from 20 years ago and be WOW i remember that!! and previously i had no clue.

  4. I like photography–I actually have a degree in photography–but I’d still say that often you look at an old photo… then you THINK you remember but what you’re remembering is the photo.

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