New Laptop Falters at the Starting Gate

Her majesty and I just opened her new Alienware laptop. She’s currently on the phone with tech support trying to figure why her 1, 5, and 0 keys do not work to input in the Windows XP serial #. I’m sure it’s something trivial; this 15 1/2 inches wide, 11 1/2 inches long, 2 inches thick, and 14 12 lbs behometh is going to be a blast carrying through 3 security checkpoints on my way to Sydney for MXDU 2005.

At least it boots fast… and the power button and alienhead glow!

:: hears Peldi’s disapproving sigh ::

Done. Turns out those #’s are not in Windows XP serial #’s. It’s fun to type in numbers, then flip the laptop high into the air to read the #’s underneath it Verdana 4 point, and repeat the process for each section of #’s.

I’m sure it’ll regain it’s respect once her majesty caps some dudes on Counterstrike Source, and I brag about her 120 fps at full settings.

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  1. 14 pounds!!! No freakin’ way. I carry around 2 laptops all the time and combined they’re about 10 pounds (a 15′ powerbook and IBM Thinkpad T41).

    I can’t imagine a single laptop that’s 14 pounds. How much of that processing power is truly necessary on a mobile machine?

    Wow – 14 lbs.

  2. Correction, 12lbs, I just weighed it on the scale (without power cable or wireless card inserted). It’s still heavy as nuts.

    Dude, this is a gamer familiy; PC gaming is an expensive hobby, but there is no teetering; either you can play HalfLife2/Doom3, or you can’t… my baby and I wanna own in anti-alias heaven whilst compiling in Flash in 2 seconds and having Macromedia Central be usable.

  3. All right. I’m pretty heavy in to Mini mode on everything except the size of my TV screen.

    I would play more PC games if I had the hardware and was willing to pay for the up keep of contemporary PC hardware. But I’m generally playing PS2 and Gamecube instead.

    I’ll finish my comment with something along the lines of 12lbs and you don’t have built-in wireless?


    p.s. Your nuts are quite heavy :P

  4. I’m not the mass market; look at Interplay’s debacle (which can’t be blamed entirely on their crackhead decisions). There isn’t a lot of money to be made in the PC gaming market, not including the cost of entry. Consoles are the way to go, and same for the consumer, so I’m not the norm.

    …but Alienware exists for a reason, hehe!

    Built in wireless? Dude, go look at the specs, it’s got a RAID inside, amongst a phat video card. It’s got 4 fans on the bottom!


  5. ‘It’s fun to type in numbers, then flip the laptop high into the air to read the #’s underneath it Verdana 4 point, and repeat the process for each section of #’s.’

    once upon a time, there were these things called ‘pen’ and ‘paper’. they were used to write things that were needed elsewhere… like serial numbers off the back/bottom of gear…


    (just jealous of the new machine. my laptop is sooo slow these days)


  6. all these laptops have wireless ‘slots’ they reccomended one that is external, or rather goes in the same slot but sticks out, because it has more RANGE :) hehe.. so I went for the MORE RANGE!!! :)

    It’s heavy as nuts but it comes with SO MUCH COOL STUFF!!! Dual monitors even!! OMG I AM IN LOVE!! I dub thee, FRAGGLE !!

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