Impromptu A

We had to come into class this evening, read an old newspaper (some had 1960, I had a New York October 24th, 1929) find an article, and give an impromptu speech about it with 30 minutes to read and prepare.

People say you learn most from your failures. However, I feel victories are not espoused enough; what are we really trying to do? Enjoy the journey? Sure, but do we ignore the milestones? Heck no!

I got an A, biotch! People I thought did way better than me got B’s, so uh… bling, bling!!!

Translation: Jesse Warden A
Introduced Topic Clearly
Previewed body of speech
Main points clear
Good connectives
Used good vocal variety
Related topic to audience

3 Replies to “Impromptu A”

  1. So what did you talk about? Probably something releated to people selling stocks as fast as they could – Oct. 24, 1929 being ‘Black Thursday’ and all…

  2. Actually, I spoke about the Carnegie report that found 29 out of 100 colleges and universities complied with non-subsidized football players. It railed against the plethora of colleges using high schools as farms for good players, giving the players free games, free concessions, free equipment, and paying them money to come to their schools, and good summer jobs that were physical in nature. Businessmen & familiy members were donating $50k a year to some schools. Pretty funny that was going on way back then.

  3. That note looks like the kind of review you might get after doing a presentation at a Toastmasters meeting. I think that group (Toastmasters) is excellent. In my town there’s something like 50+ groups that meet weekly. It’s a great value… I imagine some groups are better than others.

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