Dance Dance Revolution, The Other Cardio

Who needs running when you got DDR? If your making those new years resolutions, and/or you have some holiday money at all, get this game with 2 mats for XBox. The Workout Mode even shows you how many calories your burning! If you danced to 10, 2 minute songs, you could burn off that Corona Lite (about 100 calories)!

I wanted to get some more songs from XBox Live (yes Darron, I signed up), but they are $5 a pop for a CD that I can’t even preview. I’m gonna Google for some previews/reviews/possible mod workarounds, but anyone know if any of the downloadable volumes are any good (I like breaks if that helps)? I’m going to a new years party Friday and wanted to have some more mixes.

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  1. I read the strangest article about a year ago – for whatever reason I can’t place from where, about DDR. It was about this guy who had this whole laundering money scheme when he worked in an arcade to feed his DDR underground habit. I gotta find that article— you could be next ;)

  2. If you’ve got an xbox that can play homebrew games, someone ported StepMania (free open source DDR clone) to it. There’s a huge base of songs available for it, too.

  3. Does anyone know the Playlist for it wel not just the playlist but can i upload it off of someone one the songs …. if so email me please

  4. There really is no reason in the world to buy game packs, or even ddr for any game consel so long as you have a computer. Download stepmania free online and then spend $15 on an xbox/usb adapter. Thats all you need for free songs for life. It is even possible to find nearly every version of ddr for download.

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