Aussie Can Now Tax Me Remotely

“Hey dude, the miss and I would like to buy some property, and build a new house on that island you bought. The castle nearby sounds absolutely stupendious.”

“Sure thing mate, a couple from the Netherlands just purchased a lot nearby. I’m sure you’ll both love your new waterfront property, the geese are nearby this time of year, and the fishing is superb.”

“Rock! Hey man, thanks for staying awake this long so I could talk to you about the property… I know it’s late there, but I had some errands to run. It’ll be great to get away from the Imperial greifers on Tatooine.”

“No worries, mate! I know you’ll both enjoy your new life on the island together, so I reckon it’s worth it to me to go the extra mile. There’s an island wide policy of no PK’s.”

“I can’t wait!”

“Good on ya, then!”

…let’s just hope Aussies’ have better zoning laws than Georgia has… let me rephrase that, ANY zoning laws are better than here, even in places that don’t physically exist.

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